District 4

Experienced Leadership
Jim Gerlt - District 4
Jim brings Experienced Leadership to District 4 and the City of Lubbock. When you re-elect 
Jim Gerlt for District 4 you will see:
Accountability | Business | Common Sense | Daily Needs | Transparency
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  1. Accountability
    You will see appropriate accountability from Jim when addressing pressing issues that matter to this district and the city of Lubbock. This requires Experienced Leadership.
  2. Business
    Development and retention is the heartbeat of what moves Lubbock to the next level. Jim is committed to recruiting new business to Lubbock and retaining the current flagship corporations that make this city rich.
  3. Common Sense
    Solutions before crisis mode is Jim's mode of operation. Experienced leadership helps prevent situations from becoming crises.
  4. Daily Needs
    Water & Electricity...the moving force to keep your family equipped with daily needs. Read Jim's comments below.
  5. Enough
    Jim has been working to reduce the so-called "hidden taxes." Last budget cycle he led the effort to reduce these fees by 1%. At least, and at last, a beginning to better transparency
in the Community
See where Experienced Leadership is benefiting our community. We will also update local events Jim will attend. We hope to meet you and shake your hand at an event you are passionate about. 
  1. Electricity
    LP&L works to keep electric rates as low as possible. Our rates are consistently among the lowest in the state among utilities that report to the PUC. Now we are working to join E.R.C.O.T. which will enable us to continue providing reliable and reasonably priced electricity. The move to E.R.C.O.T. is in progress and Jim has four years of institutional knowledge with LP&L which is immensely valuable as we work through the political hurdles involved in joining E.R.C.O.T.
  2. Monsanto brings $140,000,000 to Lubbock
    Two years in the making, Lubbock prepares to become the undisputed Cotton Seed Capital of the World with the addition of Monsanto. L.E.D.A. did a phenomenal job in bringing this international company to Lubbock. The final piece of the puzzle came into place when the corporate leaders met with the City Council to obtain assurance we wanted them. Jim volunteered to fly to St. Louis to meet with their legal team to secure their commitment to Lubbock, which helped to put their minds at ease. Other large companies are considering Lubbock but will take a pause before continuing IF we have a majority turnover on the Council. Another reason to keep experienced leadership on the Council.
  3. Give Safety a Hand Campaign
    Daily Needs
    Jim participated in the Texas Mutual Insurance Company's conference on "Give Safety a Hand." He works with the Lubbock Police Department to understand their needs and how we can better protect our citizens. Every citizen has a stake in keeping our great city safe. "See something; say something" needs to be incorporated into our daily lives. If you see something that looks suspicious, say something to someone who can act.
  1. Citizen's Tower
    From the very beginning of Jim's term on the Council, two items have been mentioned every month: a new police station and the old Omni building. A new police station is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Numerous citizens groups have examined the building and every group has agreed we need a new police station. Every month the Council has considered various sites for a new station, probably three dozen. Each site which met the criteria for an appropriate location was already developed. For the City to obtain a site would cost between $8 and $12 million JUST FOR THE LAND. The building itself was estimated to cost around $48 million, bringing the cost of just a new station to around $60 million. At the same time the Council tried to work with the owners of the Omni to force them to make needed repairs to make the building safe. Heavy tiles were falling and the street surrounding the building was closed. Developers and realtors attempted to market the Omni to private investors, but without success. It became apparent the City would have to act to deal with this public safety issue. The Council placed a small amount of cash in an escrow fund to gain access to the building. Engineers and architects evaluated the building and determined it to be structurally sound. The City paid $1.2 million cash for a structure valued at $4 million. Architects and engineers are developing plans and believe the building can be retrofitted to serve as a new City Hall for about $50 million. Then the old City Hall will be refurbished as the new Police Station. Estimates are for both projects to be done for slightly more than just a new police station would cost. We will be able to consolidate departments into the new Citizen's Tower and save approximately $700,000 in annual rent. This is a huge win for the citizens of Lubbock.
  2. Water
    Four years ago the lowest base rate for a water meter was $28 per month. Jim has led the way to lower the base charges. Today the lowest base rate is $16 per month. The rates for consumption has changed slightly to encourage conservation, but the citizens of Lubbock now have more say over their water bill because of the lower base rate.
  3. City Debt
    For nearly a decade the City's debt has been increasing, but not during the last four years. During Jim's time the City has been cash funding more projects. Of our approximately $1.2 billion debt, about $450 million is for Lake Alan Henry and about $150 million is for LP&L. The debt on these two is serviced through the sale of commodities: electricity and water. This is NOT tax funded debt. We also have nearly $100 million debt as a result of T.C.E.Q. mandated storm water drainage projects. The good news is that $89.5 million of debt will roll off this year. We've held the line on debt the last four years and Jim looks for ways to continue reduce the debt.